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Sectia de contencios administrativ a ICCJ va avea pe 30/09/2011 de judecat un dosar mai mult decat important pentru o intreaga breasla. Dosarul 4701/1/2011 este, cel putin in aparenta, clar. Clar daca vom considera ca actul de a scrie un articol de presa sau de a concepe o emisiune radio sau TV este un act de creatie. Altfel spus, ICCJ va judeca existenta “efortului intelectual” al unei bresle. Cea a Jurnalistilor Profesionisti, a celor care o intreaga viata au trait si traiesc din scris.

Dupa stiinta noastra, opozantul, Ministerul Muncii, face niste presiuni greu de calificat asupra ICCJ in acest dosar. Vrand sa evite ce? Consacrarea unui concept logic in ceea ce priveste aceasta breasla. Conceptul de creator, acelasi care este deja consacrat pentru scriitori. Stiind ca si unii si altii au ca unealta de lucru mintea si… penita, stiind ca actul de a scrie, des limitandu-se doar la reportaj si nu “dand indicatii pretioase” presupune aceeasi inteligenta, aceeasi capacitate creatoare, stiind aceste lucruri astept cu nerabdare sa vad cum va fi judecat acest dosar. Sunt, evident, doar doua ipoteze: cea logica, de verticalitate a judecatorilor nostri si… cealalta , cea a… unei penibile elesticitati a coloanei vertebrale.

Curiozitatea mea de… entomolog, in acest caz, fiind probabil impartasita de intreaga breasla jurnalistica. Care, se stie, isi va intrebuinta si inteligenta si penita. Sper eu ca…laudand!

Evident si aici, la noi, dar si afara!


The Supreme Court of Justice, Romania


The 30th of September 2011, the administrative section of the Supreme Court of Justice will have to judge a more than important file for a whole bunch of people, the journalists brotherhood. The resolution regarding file no. 4701/1/2011 is more than obvious, at least apparently. It is obvious if we consider that writing a press article or conceiving a radio or a TV program is an act of creation. The Supreme Court of Justice will have to judge if we can speak about an “intellectual effort” of a guild, the journalists’ brotherhood, whose life is dedicated to writing.


As far as we know, the opposite party, the Labour Ministry is putting a lot of pressure on the Supreme Court of Justice regarding this file. This way, they try to avoid the consecration of a logical concept regarding this brotherhood, the creation concept, the same concept that is already consecrated for writers. In their daily work, all journalists use as tools both their minds and nibs, knowing that the writing act itself means intelligence and the capacity to create, not just “sharing advices”. Knowing all these things, I am curious to see what the ruling will be regarding this file. There are two options: first, the logical one – our judges’ verticality and the second – the option of a shameful, resilient spine position.


Watching this case with the eyes of an entomologist, and I trust my colleagues share the same feeling, during our creation process, we shall all use both our minds and nibs. I hope we will use them for praising. Both in our country and outside.

Updated: September 29, 2011 — 6:34 am
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